Ten Reasons to Write Lists

I love written lists for a number of reasons, and not just because I’m a writer. Putting ideas on paper changes the way you relate to them in profoundly positive ways. Here are ten benefits:

1. Writing down ideas improves your memory for fleeting thoughts and details

2. Writing down actions to take and goals to pursue increases your commitment to those actions and goals

3. Writing down ideas allows you to visualize them, giving you more ways to creatively connect and manipulate them

4. Writing a plan or a budget helps you evaluate your values and priorities

5. Writing a log of what you eat or how much you exercise or how often you check email helps you monitor (and change) your own behavior

6. Writing down your intentions makes unintended actions more salient and less automatic

7. Writing down data about the current state of affairs reveals opportunities for improvement

8. Writing lists frees up your mental energy for other more important or more interesting tasks

9.  Writing a bucket list challenges you to explore possibilities you might otherwise never pursue

10. Writing lists of loved objects, treasured friends, and daily delights evokes a spirit of gratitude and abundance

Do you write down ideas, lists, goals and desires? How have your lists help you live better?

If you want to harness the positive power of list-making, I highly recommend Caroline Adams Miller’s book,
Creating Your Best Life: The Ultimate Life List Guide

Add it to your must-read list today.

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  1. Jessica says:

    I do love writing down lists but the problem is I always lose them.

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