Announcing the Mom to Mom Gratitude Gala and Giveaway

November is a month when we celebrate all the good things we’ve been blessed with.  My top three: a loving family, good health, and opportunities to learn and grow.

During this month of Thanksgiving, I encourage you to find daily ways to recognize the abundant goodness in your life. I share 25 ideas for practicing gratitude in this article in San Diego Family magazine.  I hope they’ll inspire you to put gratitude in action each day.

I’m celebrating this season of Thanksgiving with a Mom to Mom Gratitude Gala and Giveaway, co-hosted with my mom-writer colleagues, Christa Melnyk Hines, author of Confidently Connected: A Mom’s Guide to a Satisfying Social Life; and Lara Krupicka,  author of Family Bucket Lists: Bring More Fun, Adventure and Camaraderie into Every Day.

Mom2MomGratitudeThe giveaway will begin on November 11th, and we’ll be sharing our gratitude on each others’ blogs all month long. Here is the schedule for the Mom-to-Mom Gratitude Gala & Giveaway:

  • November 11-15: Family bucket list expert, Lara Krupicka, will guest blog on Christa’s blog and Heidi’s blog.
  • November 18-22: Social support expert Christa Melnyk Hines  will guest blog on Lara and Heidi’s blogs.
  • November 25-29: I will guest blog on Christa and Lara’s blogs.

In each case, we’ll be making connections and sharing insights. We’ll also be inviting you to take stock of the good things in your life and use your choices to increase your abundance – in adventure, in friendship, and in peaceful parenting success.

I hope you’ll visit these blogs, make comments, and share your stories with each other. During the giveaway period, you can enter by:

  • Subscribing to our blogs and/or newsletters
  • Referring a friend who subscribes (post a comment letting me know)
  • Commenting on one of our blogs. (YES! This means you can enter multiple times!)

On Monday, December 2, one lucky winner will receive two bundles of each of our ebooks — one to keep and one to give to a friend — because gratitude is always more meaningful when you pay it forward.

Happy Fall, one and all. I wish you time to appreciate the abundance in your life and the courage to create more of what matters most.


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