Women’s and General Interest Reprints

The following articles are available for reprint. Please contact me for additional information about the following titles:

Living Your Life’s Dream (880 words + 145-word sidebar; focuses on parents’ self-development) describes reasons why readers might not be living their dreams (to date) and how to take action (starting today) that will make dreams reality. Practitioners of positive psychology share their insider secrets to overcoming anxiety and living a fulfilled life. Evergreen. Fits well with New Year editorial.

Keep Your Resolutions: 8 Ways to Change Any Behavior (760 words) presents eight principles – based on research – that apply to any live-better effort. They don’t cost a dime, and your readers can enact them immediately. I’ve also included a brief sidebar with links to online resources and communities, to help readers find social support for their efforts. This piece is slanted to fit with your New Year’s editorial; the topic is evergreen.

Restful Resolutions (600 words; tips for parents) reveals seven strategies parents can apply tonight to fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly, and awaken rested and ready to tackle tomorrow’s kid chaos. Available in two versions: one with a New Year – New You slant, and one that is appropriate for any month of the year.

Winning Weight-Loss Goals (600 words) shows readers why it is important to attend to more than just the numbers on the scale, and offers tips for creating a weight-loss plan that fits their lifestyle. An optional sidebar (86 words) points readers to web resources for further inspiration and information.

Becoming a High-Energy Mom (650 words + resources sidebar; all ages) offers tips for moms on how to eat, move, work and sleep for sustained physical and emotional energy. Includes advice from nutrition, fitness, and sleep experts and an explanation of why multitasking drains energy and how to get focused.

How to Respond to Anger (750 words + 130-word sidebar) shows women how to get angry without getting burned. Expert suggestions help readers avoid overwhelm, identify real issues, take responsibility for their feelings and actions, and express disagreement without blame or hostility. An optional sidebar summarizes a recent study showing the effects of parent hostility on toddlers’ aggression.

Flip Frustrations Sunny-Side Up (660 words plus sidebar) offers practical suggestions for bouncing back brilliantly from life’s inevitable frustrations. These strategies help parents and kids move quickly and calmly past problems, even when they’re under pressure.

Coping with Infertility (750 words + two sidebars, 75 and 145 words, respectively) describes common stresses of infertility and offer suggestions for taking care of your health, well-being, and your marriage relationship. Sidebars suggest resources for information and support and explain “what not to say” to friends struggling with infertility.

Creative Brain Builders (715 words; directed at parents, some activities include kids) describes eight creative ways to rev up your creative energies and go from “hum-drum” to “a-ha” in short order. Inspires readers to think laterally, even when they’re stressed out and busy.

Handling Outdoor Emergencies (560 words + 90-word sidebar) teaches readers how to avoid and respond to life-threatening emergencies caused by heat, weather, water, and allergic reactions. An optional 90-word sidebar points parents to sources of additional information and first aid training.

Heat Emergencies (680 words, 60-word resources sidebar) describes the range of reactions to prolonged heat exposure and offers six stay-cool strategies for families, including smart clothing choices, hydration tips, and indoor activity options.

10 Ways to Claim Your Self-Confidence (730 words; 2 optional sidebars total 170 additional words) shows readers how to tap into their inner reserves of self-assurance. These tips go beyond a fake-it-until-you-make-it approach or a look-good/feel-good strategy. Readers learn true confidence means knowing you can learn new things and bounce back from setbacks. Includes two optional sidebars, one with web resources and another with silly strategies to boost self-confidence.

Admitting Mistakes and Moving On (900 words + 120-word sidebar) explains why we deny, rationalize, and justify our errors and why fessing up is the first step to personal growth. This piece shows readers how to admit mistakes without getting bogged down in self-blame of getting stuck in the past. Sidebar offers self-care tips for women.

Stand Up for Yourself Without Stepping on Everyone Else (930 words + 120-word sidebar) explains why assertiveness can be scary and difficult for women and underscores the price of passivity. Readers learn how to voice their concerns and interests without alienating others or overdoing it. Sidebar helps readers learn how to say so with confidence and clarity.

Why Less is (So Much) More (980 words + 110-word sidebar) In today’s tight economy, it’s easy to feel deprived. But scaling back can have big benefits (think signature style, inner calm, and greater satisfaction). In this piece, I describe the mental, emotional and environmental benefits of living with less stuff and show readers how to get all the gain with less pain. An optional sidebar offers ideas for getting rid of unwanted items.

Lucky You! (700 words) describes ten ways to find more good fortune (and live happier), based on solid studies in psychology. This piece is a perfect fit for March Saint Patrick’s Day-related editorial, and, since good luck is always welcome, this article is evergreen.

Get Outdoors: 8 Reasons to Spend Time in Nature (675 words) highlights specific findings from recent research that will make your readers want to get outside at the first sign of spring. Sidebars include outdoor activities to do with kids, a list of web resources to maximize the fun (and benefits) of outdoor adventures, and a reference list of studies cited.

Grow with It! How to Thrive at Each Stage of Motherhood (Two versions: 1000 or 2000 words; optional 100- and 185-word sidebars; all ages) In this article, moms of all ages and stages share wisdom and words of encouragement to help readers grow with their kids. Sidebars provide reader resources and quoted responses to “How have you grown with your kids?” Evergreen but perfect for Mother’s Day.

Family Fued? Not This Year (960 words) offers a 4-step approach to identifying issues, being inclusive, enlisting peacekeeping help and seeking peace. With some strategic planning and the handful of tactful responses in this article, your readers can make their holiday celebrations more enjoyable for everyone.