Do you marvel at the patience and poise of your child’s preschool teacher and secretly wish you could act with the same calm demeanor?

Detachment Parenting allows you to break out of fight-or-flight mode and respond mindfully, even when emotions run high.This book shows you how to:

  • Stay calm when kids are out of control
  • Engage kids in helpful discussions of intense emotional issues
  • Coach kids to understand and manage their own moods
  • Be confident that you can handle emotional crises, and
  • Feel better about yourself as a person and as a parent

Written by a personality psychologist and mom of two young kids, Detachment Parenting presents smart solutions to one of the most challenging aspects of motherhood: Responding to kids’ emotions. It’s packed with 33 practical strategies you can use right away.  Detachment Parenting reveals simple ways to change course in the heat of the moment – when you’re about to lose your cool – and teaches you how to guide emotional discussions so kids feel valued and validated.

In Detachment Parenting, you’ll learn mental strategies for spotting emotional triggers and response patterns, and find ways to respond without overreacting. Tips for maintaining a healthy emotional climate will help you increase your emotional energy reserves so you can give more of yourself and feel more fulfilled.

Armed with these simple stay-cool strategies, you’ll be ready to tackle whatever kid chaos comes next.

As a parent of four young children and a military spouse I am always outnumbered. The techniques described in this e-book make our parenting successful. This book is a must-read for overwhelmed parents. —Tracy Clark, mom of 4

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Detachment Parenting is available in Kindle format or paperback on, formatted for Barnes & Noble’s NOOK or for Kobo e-readers.

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 Free Printable Poster

When you buy the book, you’ll be eligible to download a printable Calm-Mom Techniques Poster FREE. It’s a useful visual reminder of how to keep your cool while you help kids handle their emotions. To get your poster, simply email your book receipt to poster at and I’ll send you a personalized free-download link.


But I Don’t Want To Shut My Kids Out!

Potential readers sometimes ask, “Is Detachment Parenting the opposite of Attachment Parenting?” The short answer is, “No.”

Rest assured: Detachment Parenting doesn’t require you to deny your feelings, keep kids at arms’ length or let them cry it out when they’re distressed. And it doesn’t prescribe parenting choices about sleeping, feeding or cuddling. Detachment Parenting simply shows you how to approach kids’ concerns with calm sensitivity, instead of frantic overwhelm. The upside is a stronger, happier bond with your kids.

If you want to learn how to keep cool, talk about emotional issues, and take care of your own emotional needs, this book is for you.